March Madness Too

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or after the snow day, an avalanche of work.

The best thing about snow days are also the worst thing: no work. My return to work was a return to a pile of books on my desk, a ton* of e-mail waiting for my response, SIX voice mails (although not one of them was the phone calls I was waiting for: Yeah, I’m calling you out WPSD staff!) and a bunch of toys all over my Family Room.


The best thing about today: The Bee was all set for school, she even got up after I called her only ONCE, the drive to school was smooth and I got to see one of her old teachers. She also did all of her homework with minimum fuss and ate most of her dinner.

My Mom is doing a bit better, new ‘do and the like and was not so nervous when we went for a ride (to YET another medical related appointment).

My negative vibes seem to be disappearing!

Looking forward to the week,


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