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This week has found me hooked on crafting and I am feeling so excited about what my yarn is turning into. I feel like I am getting to be fierce with a hook and needles and I’m digging it.

Crafting goals for the week:

  • Continue working on my granny square ripple blanket. This is a project that I am doing at home because It’s getting to big to cart around. Also? Grannies are repetitive and I get bored when I am doing the project so I like to be able to pick up another something to go with it.
Scrap yarn Granny Ripple

Scrap yarn Granny Ripple

  • Dill’s Harry Potter scarf. I suppose I will be finish it soon but I think I may have to frog it and start again so I am avoiding it at all costs. I cast on 100 stitches and this sucker is huge! I think I may take what I started with and use it as a hat and then begin but the whole process just exhausts me.
Harry Potter using Loops and Threads

Harry Potter using Loops and Threads

  • A Pom-Pom Slouch hat. I was looking for mittens and a way to use up some bulky yarn and found pictures from the site It & Was Blog. I say pictures because the pattern link was broken but good ole Ravelry had some pattern notes from another crafter who was kind enough to share and I casted on. So far I used one skein of Lion Brand Hometown in Neon Lemon (and it IS neon!) and will try to finish it off in the next day or so that I can see how it looks on my model (The Bee).
Neon Yellow Pom-Pom Slouch

Neon Yellow Pom-Pom Slouch

  • Complete the Cookie Monster inspired hats I started last week. I wasn’t too thrilled with how his eyes were and jsut couldn”t find the right way to finish the hat. In one of my Facebook groups someone made a similar hat and I was all “That’s it!” and my goal is to complete Cookie.



I did my first flea market and it wasn’t too bad. There was another hooker there and she was showing me some of her wares. I loved this head band she made and added it to my to do pile. I asked her about the things she made and she was happy to share, calling her use of a hook a blessing and happy to pass things along.

I am adding a headband to my list of WIPs for the week. I have been putting off making them because,well fear, but these were so cute that I knew I had to at least give it a try!




The only thing about so much crafting…my hands are sore! I found some exercises and have been doing them as much as possible. I have also been forcing myself to take breaks so that I won’r br so cramped.

So now it’s your turn.

Hit me with your best crafts!
Leave a link in the comments or share on my Facebook page for yaRRns!

Happy stitching!



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