Playing the Dozens: My kid is Twelve!

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My baby is twelve years old today.
It just seems like yesterday I was indulging her request to watch “Cats” again and again and reading (and re-reading) Happy to be Nappy and If You Take a Mouse to the Movies.

Sometimes I look at her and I marvel at the young lady she has become. She is intelligent, she is kind and a pleasure to be around. I mean there are those days when I look at her and wonder when the little witch dressed as my kid appeared however those moments, while sudden and startling, are really few and far between. So when she curls up next to me on the couch to ask me about my day or when she gets all animated telling  me a story from her day the desire to ship her away to a desert island subsides and I think that my kid is awesome.

Fumbling through motherhood and our new roles of mom and t(w)een I am struck by just how wonderful of a person she is becoming. There are plenty of reasons that I love my kid but in honor of her twelfth birthday here are a dozen reasons that my tween is wonderful.

Here are a dozen posts inspired by The Bee.

Wild head kid.. In which I share my lack of hair do-ness and my poor kid suffers.
We go from do as you feel to do what I say. In which we go to Catholic school. Well she does.
The Bee goes to her first concert! Or yes, I was totally digging that song.
My kid is an exquisite young African queen.
I attempt to meld my worlds. Sometimes it’s successful.
We’re a couple of swells.
Fashion don’ts. The Hoodie period.
My poor baby gets hurt. Ouch!
A favorite poem of hers. Forreal.
The Sasha and Malia factor. We talk politics.
The pre-Moooooohhhhm time.
The Bee’s favorite person. These two are like peas and carrots.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know my daughter and watching her grow from a curious quiet kid to a wonderful lovely young lady.

Happy birthday to my young lady.



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