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Valentine’s Day is coming and do you know what you’re doing? Me, I am staying in and I cannot wait. As crazy busy the beginning of my February has been, I am looking forward to a night in, working on a nice butt groove on the couch, a bottle of wine, some pizza and a little Netflix.

I’m not totally heartless; my Netflix viewing will include something romantic because Valentine’s.

Want to find your perfect romance movie? Check out this graphic below, provided by and plan the perfect evening…evening in!


Other Best Romance Movies on Netflix


Some more tips for a Valentine’s Day Movie Night

  • Bake up some snacks. Make something extra special like decadent brownies or punch up popcorn with drizzled chocolate and candy.
  • Make a signature cocktail. Champagne pairs perfectly with Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  • Double up with a spa night. You know what makes Clueless even better? Pampering yourself Beverly Hills style. Set up simple spa items like face masks, foot baths and scented candles.
  • Bring it outdoors. For those living in warmer climates at night, hang a sheet over a clothes line and project your movie for a fun “drive in” feel. Don’t forget comfy chairs and cushions!
  • Test your movie knowledge. It’s hard to keep friends interested in a film they’ve already seen. Next time, think of a clever game to watch along with it, like “I Spy” or trivia.
  • Costume contest. Make it a group night and get into the romance theme by having everyone dress up like their favorite leading man or lady.
  • Plan an intermission. Whether it’s back to back features or a whole night with Gone with the Wind, plan a break in the middle to chat and refill on snacks.
  • Bring on the comfort. If your thrift store loveseat doesn’t scream “romance,” bring pillows, comforters, sleeping bags and anything comfy to cozy up on the floor instead.

What are your plans?
Tell me in the comments!


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