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Spring break and this is the scene…parents are working and they send their kids to the library to “read.” These kids do read for a bit but after being in the library for a few hours they get comfortable and start o mess around, throwing toys, wrestling, you know doing what I like to call screwing around. Sometimes these parents send their kid to a camp and the groups use the library. The kids are then tasked with “go do something” which can include finding a book, using the computers or some other way to interpret this instruction. A few weeks ago two groups headed into the library back to back and I got frustrated. These were not new visitors; in fact I had spoken at one time or another with both groups, letting them know what was expected and offering suggestions for ways we could work together. I turned for support to the library list servs and got a variety of advice.

One librarian replied to me privately and her response really made me think. Why was I not making the people who came to the library follow the rules. Why was I not owning my space? I really had to wonder myself.

I’ve been a library chick for about six years. In this time I have seen people do all manners of nonsense. For the most part working with the public is fine; we work together and all are happy. But there is always the exception. That person who thinks that it doesn’t apply to them and whoosh all good feelings go out.
After reading that e-mail I asked myself WHY am I cowering instead of enforcing? I hate to be the bad guy but it’s not a matter of good and bad; its a matter of *ME* enforcing my rules, owning my place and letting work flow.

Have you owned something today? Tell me about t.


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