#SOCS: Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse

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#SOCsundayIt’s Sunday and Fadra has asked us in today’s (optional) Writing Prompt: What is success to you and how will you know when you achieve it?

This week is probably not the best week for me to crow about success. I have been feeling like the world’s worst mother, work has been sluggish and home…all that progress I was so excited about last week? Gone. (Not even going there with working out.)  I have found that when work is good, home suffers. Home rolling well? Things with my dude seems shaky.  There is a balance that I sometimes find but then BOOM that delicate house of cards comes crashing down and I am once again feeling like I have a cosmic kick me sign on my back.

Success is one of those things that shouldn’t just be measured by some outside recognition. Well at least today it won’t be. Today I am celebrating what seems to be nonsense but are a lifeline for me after the week I’ve had.

Such as

  • The Bee and I both behaving badly (hormones, me…tweeness, her) this week but both of us independently being able to recognize that something out of the norm was happening and we could and did talk about it.
  • Although I still felt like “that” mom when she was unprepared for a thing at scouts although The Dad reported that all was well.
  • The Bee and I had a chat that didn’t involve tears, nagging and a lot of eye rolling. I could stop the post right there!
  • I will celebrate that while I feel sluggish about work, I have been requested to speak as an expert at a workshop (GIDDY!), being able to have a conversation with someone whom I respect and learning that she respects me too (color me shocked!) and I did manage to accomplish some of the goals I had made for myself.
  • My guy and I spent a quiet evening chatting about everything and nothing and all is right in our little neck of the world (moony grin)
  • Even home is not THAT bad; my laundry love affair is still there (Golly I love not having to go to the Klaundromat) and that pile of crap that I’ve been tripping over? It’s up!
This week may not have been one for everyone but it HAS been a good success for me and, well, I guess everything IS coming up Milhouse!

This was my Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five-ish minutes twentyish minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…

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