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Being an adult is sometimes not all it’s cracked up to be. You know you’ve got to edit your thoughts, you can’t just blurt out whatever you are thinking unless you want major stink eye from other adults who are savvy enough to edit their thoughts. Instead of blurting everything as you’re thinking it, you censor it with a second track of dialogue in your head (what I like to call “The Parenthesis Thoughts”). This is why I cherish the moments I get to witness the conversations of the children in my life. I find myself literally hearing things from the mouths of babes and think that I should have my own Kids Say of the Day like the one featured on NickMoms.

I spend my day working in a public library and while I make attempts at scheduling my day, my schedule can be so unpredictable! I enjoy working with the families who visit my library. They are supportive, interested in what we have to offer and, most importantly, they make me laugh. Some of the best moments of the day are an unscripted breaks in which I am observing children in their element: being children.

My children’s department is not the library I grew up in. In addition to books and magazines, the “usual” library materials, my library has toys for families to explore and use together. Often parents will find their children more interested in the kitchen set and not the “Curious George” book offered. Yesterday a mother tried in vain to get her two-year old to read a book with her. Busy “making dinner” the boy replied, “I can’t right now! That’s not in my schedule!”


#Motherfunny, #shop, #cbias.

A disaster in the kitchen! It’s learnin


We also have a computer loaded with preschool games. One game features Dora and Boots racing around the world to learn languages and complete various tasks. One afternoon a little boy was intent on completing a level and kept getting frustrated each time he ran out of time. This boy had had enough and screeched, “Stay still Dora! I’m not going to tell you again!”

I often joke that I’m just a girl who cain’t say no but I’ve learned to restrain myself during activities at work. During storytimes I have had to learn to restrain myself when it comes to what activities we are doing. I can be the leader who cain’t say no and this is what that gets ,e:




paint hands, #motherfunny, #cbias, #shop

Paint is among the list of items banned from the library.


I sometimes get caught in the action. Today I was chatting with a little girl and she was telling me how excited she was about the upcoming holidays. “What do you have for Thanksgiving?” I asked, thinking that she would tell me all about the menu her family had planned for the day. The girl made a face, looked at me and replied, “We have food for Thanksgiving.” The ‘duh’ was implied.

As I sang a song, something Pop and recent, one of my kids looked at me in surprise and asked how I knew that song

Kid: How do YOU know that song?

Me: I listen to the radio too,

Kid: But you’re old like my mom. 


My daughter, The Bee, is now a teen but she is not exempt from saying the darnedest things. As my mom, she and I were watching television a commercial came on for a box set of Shirley Temple DVDs. As Shirley warbled and tapped away in the background, my mom asked The Bee if she had ever heard of Shirley Temple. Without missing a beat The Bee replied, “No, but I enjoy her drink.”

When The Bee was smaller she would get the names of things incorrect. She often called the remote a “Jamoke”, asked to go to the “Sukermarket” and argued me down that spaghetti was actually “Snaghetti” I did allow the incorrect usage of “Lellow” for “Yellow” That was just too darned cute.



An older picture but I love the sass!

An older picture but I love the sass!


One more story to share about my teen. She’s been reading Archie comics and loves the little digests, think a longer comic book. One day I told her to do something when she finished reading her book. I left the room to do something and when I came back in about twenty minutes later she was still on the couch reading.

Me: You’re still reading that comic book?

The Bee: Well Mom, it IS a double digest.



#Motherfunny, #shop, #cbias.

The Bee reading


Stories like those above are just one of the reasons I get a kick out of checking out the Nick Moms and the feature Kids Say of the Day. While I do have fun stories to share, there are times when my job is work and nothing cute has been said. I love the Facebook updates too. Scrolling through my Facebook timeline I get a kick out of reading snippets from the site, seeing what programming is offered by NickMoms and just taking a break from the worry that is mom. I won’t lie; at first I thought Nick Moms was not for me. They seemed to poke way too much fun at motherhood but then I asked myself, “Why does the business of being a mother have to be so serious?” There’s enough day-to-day crisis being a mom (honey let me tell you; those teen years..RUN!). Letting someone guide me to the silly side is totally worth a visit to NickMoms.

Now then, tell me, what gems are your kids sharing? Let me know! I love a good a laugh and am sure others will too.



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  1. Angela says:

    Too cute! My son also had wrong names for a lot of things. It always makes me laugh to think about it.

  2. Debi says:

    My daughter loves to do arts and crafts too. The things that they make is cute.

  3. Meagan Ivie says:

    Too cute! My mom kept a journal and wrote down all of the funny things we said when we were little – it's a cherished keepsake!

  4. brett says:

    my 8 year old wanted to wait until it was pitching black out to do sparklers on the fourth of july

  5. Daisy Tremorev says:

    LOL – I love it! My son is 3 years old and says funny things like this that I need to start writing it down.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Too cute! I don’t have kids but my sister said my niece came running in the other day saying she “got kicked in the nuts”… lol

  7. Janel says:

    hahaha, old like my mom!! My little one told my husband the other day, “That’s a mommy caterpillar”. He asked him why he knew it was a mommy. His response: “Because it has pretty eyes!” <3

  8. Ashley Walkup says:

    Kid's say the darnedest things, right? I hope to keep a journal of the funny things my daughter says.

  9. Daisy says:

    LOL – My son says the funniest things. My son’s most recent was telling people that mommy pees her pants sometimes. eek!

  10. Angela S says:

    Too funny! Kids do say the silliest things sometimes.

  11. Melissa says:

    Your kids are too funny! I have started writing down the funny stuff my son says!

  12. Andrea Hatfield says:

    Kids do say some crazy things. I have things journaled from when my kids were younger but can't remember anything specific. 🙂

  13. Liz Mays says:

    My sister used to lellow for yellow too. And she said blelt for belt which is much, much harder to say so I don't get her!

  14. Aimee Hemmelgarn Smith says:

    I asked my little guy if he wanted to ride his his bike t get the mail and he said "no thanks mom, I will just ride my feet!" made me smile!

  15. Danielle Bishop says:

    Kids are hilarious, aren't they!?!

  16. martha says:

    your daughter was ADORABLE. seriously.

    kids do say some funny funny stuff!!

    1. Rachee says:

      Thank you! She will now tell you that she is smart too.

  17. My daughter comes out with the funniest things. And usually with such attitude, I have to try hard not to laugh.

  18. JU SO FONII!!! Here from the Saturday Showcase and I think you should get your own byline on NickMoms. The story about Shirley Temple drink? Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because that generation doesn’t know about Shirley and all her good ships. ; ) BB2U

  19. Summer Davis says:

    I want to go to YOUR library! The one we go to is more like the library from Monsters University (if you don’t know what I mean, please see the film). I have little tots and a teen, and the funny things that come out of everyone’s mouths just slays me every day, but more often than not it makes me want to slay them. HA! And you’re only as old as you feel. xo #client

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