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Say it Rah-shay By Nov 06, 2011 5 Comments

With the longer winter nights this should present hours of extra reading time for me correct? Wrong! Last week was busy and my powerful powers of procrastination, a forgotten book that needed to be reviewed as well as general malaise finds me reading the same books this week.

In the car I am still listening to Jo Nesbo’s The Snowman. The narrator is wonderful his voice purrs as he reads about Harry Hole, Norway’s brilliant and flawed detective. I cannot lie; I was having trouble with The Snowman. It didn’t seem to follow the protocol of the thriller book and I found that I needed to concentrate much more to digest the names and orient myself to the places. This week I think I will be spending more time alone in the car and will be able to listen to more than a few minutes (this is NOT a book that I want The Bee to hear!).

I forgot I was supposed to read Theodora, Actress, Empress, Whore for a review (read it here and join in on the discussion here). Stella Duffy is a great storyteller and I was sorry that I wasn’t able to leisurely read this book. It’s narrative non-fiction and it makes me want to listen to the soundtrack of Evita or Madonna’s greatest hits album.

I am still chugging through Expecting Adam. Martha Beck reminds me a library patron. I also want to hug my kid and thank the heavens for allowing me to have such a great kid.

The Bee has been reading ….I don’t know! She doesn’t want to continue our reading together tradition and part of me is not too terribly upset. We haven’t found any good books that have commanded our attention or made us want to curl up together. She was checking out a copy of Tiger’s Curse that I had laying around but other than that I have not really caught her reading. This week she will be with her dad for the earlier part of the week. I think I will use my alone time for catching up with my reads and then the time when she returns to find a few books that she may want to read.

What’s on your piles?


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  1. huntress says:

    I need to stay off of FB and go read either Unbroken or John Hart’s Iron House. Thanks for the nudge to do that. 31 minutes until Masterpiece Theater. I’ll probably go with Unbroken since I ought to finish and return it to the owner.

  2. I need to finish 1000 Gifts and then start the Happiness Project…and I just picked up a book about lowering your cholesterol. I think I aged 15 years when I bought it.

  3. @ huntress We all need to stay off of FB because is a time consuming activity that won’t teach us a thing…..
    Reading should be everyone’s hobby because we can learn so much from others’ experiences…
    This way we can avoid some mistakes that others did, a thing that FB will never be able to teach us.

  4. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Theodora! It’s not usually my type of book. Have you done many book reviews for BlogHer? Theodora was my first, and I hope they pick me often because I am totally loving getting free e-books. 🙂

  5. The Snowman sounds interesting.Just added it to my ever growing list of books to read.

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