On the Needles: The Diamond Dazzler

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My WIP pile is beginning to get dangerously high and I am ready to either chuck it, frog it or stuff it into a bag until I forget about it.

I keep starting and stopping projects because

  1. I have no discipline
  2. No clear crafting goals
  3. I just keep losing interest
  4. I mess up, get frustrated and then 3.

Last week, my friend Robin gave me a bunch of needles and I found some yarn that had become lost under the couch and thought I would play around with increases and decreases. I can increase and decrease for days when I am crocheting but knitting is a mystery. Whenever I would try to increase or decrease I was ending up with holes in my work or dropping stitches. Sometimes I would accidentally increase to create some funky looking pieces.

To learn about increases and decreases, I poked around on YouTube, checkout a few blogs, asked a few knitting friends and when I was convinced that increasing and decreases were no longer a mystery, I took a stab at decided to tackle a piece my sister had created called The Diamond Dazzler

So far decreasing and increasing hasn’t been so bad. I’ve gotten the hang of it and made two diamonds.Originally I was going to make a scarf but  I forgot to count my stitches and don’t want to have to keep guestimating how much I have to knit with each diamond. I think I am going to keep my two diamonds and attach it to a slouchy hat like Madonna’s from her Borderline




Phot souce: http://0.tqn.com/d/top40/1/0/0/f/2/madonna-borderline-video.jpg

Madonna wearing the hat which inspired me.


I was thinking of pairing the “bow” with a hat made from teal, purple or grey slouchy hat.









It feels pretty good to try and succeed with a new stitch.


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