On the Hooks: *This* is the Droid You Want

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During my ‘Pegg Out’ the other day I was lusting after a hat worn by a character from Shaun of the Dead. With the help of some Twitter friends (thanks yoyology!). I never found find the hat I was looking for but instead found a sweet R2D2 beanie created by Jen from the blog Just for Fun.
Total aside, Wow. Jen is a crocheting wonder and Harry Potter fiend! She made a Mrs. Weasley sweater that looks possible.

Anywho to create the beanie I used some blue Caron One Pound Yarn (I was supposed to be making Cookie Monster hats!) and some grey Vanna’s Choice. The beanie part of the pattern works up really quickly.
I hate weaving in yarn so I think when I make another one of these I will weave as I go. I was trying to find a way to weave it in as I changed colors but my attempts looked bulky and bumpy.

The hat worked up quickly. All of the bits and pieces…not so much. Not sure if I’ll be making this again. I think I totally underestimated just how long it would rake to complete.


Here are some pics.

Chugging through
Effin Guy is amazed at my tools
The beanie is almost done and ends are weaved in

Me no likey

This hat is a bit more advanced than I thought. The knobs and such…blurgh! I’m going to weave in the edges and leave it be for a while.

The final pics will be posted later.
Take this Droid, please!

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