On the Hooks: Quick! I need a hat!

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In which laziness about twisting my hair encourages my next yarnthing.

Yarn, yarn everywhere
But not a stitch in sight!
Yup. It’s time to re twist my hair and because I am feeling ultra lazy I have decided that I will wash my hair but pass on twisting. So I need a hat. Quickly. But not just any ole hat, uh uhn. I need a funky stylish hat that I can get away with for a few days due to me not feeling like twisting my hair.
Yes. I am that lazy.

So, I found a few patterns as I trolled on Ravelry (I’m Sayitrahshay over there…friend me!) and here are my options:

Vickie Howell has a new beanie, The Urban Revival. I’m digging the buttons that she added to the band. But it looks like it may not work up for when I need it (this weekend).

I was also digging this slouch hat by Balatong Toys but Scribd and I are not simpatico today. The pattern is pretty cool though and looks like it would work up easily. Curse you Scribd!

Amanda’s Simple Slouchy Hat uses my favorite stitch (half double crochet) but even I admit I am being nitpicky when I say that the only reason I don’t like it is because it doesn’t have a band (I am well aware of how lame this sounds!).

So I’ve decided to go with the Easy Slouchy Beret that I made earlier in the year. The Bee quickly claimed the hat but sadly lost it during her trip to New York. If I remember correctly it worked up in a few days and I can add a few extra rows to give it an extra slouch.

This weekend as I Walk Like an Egyptian (some blogging moms including moi are going to see the Bangles courtesy of Ben 95.7) I will be styling with my awesome hat.

Picking yarn and happily hooking.


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