On the hooks: Getting Hooked Again

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Or of course its a hat.

I’ve been attempting to get my crochet groove on again. I get into little funks where I just don’t feel like it. I love the power my hook yields but when I get stumped on a difficult pattern or when I get in my own way I tend to stop anything and nothing gets done.

The Bee and I recently visited The Tangled Wed and I purchased the most beautiful cotton yarn so that I could make The Market Bag. This bag is something I have been wanting to try for a while but never completed. I would start the pattern, make a huge bottom for the bag and then….
This thing is heavily featured these days…

Anyhoodle, the weather has broken, its not stifling hot anymore and I’m ready to start hooking again. Way back in May I joined a square a day challenge and vowed to make a granny square each day so that I could have a completed blanket. When I posted on my Facebook group that I was going to start again and it seems that I was not the only one who didn’t finish and a group of us hookers are all excited to complete a square a day with an October finish date. I decided to give myself a few more days because realistically a square a day is much more ambitious than I can handle and I saw this hat and scarf I want to try (have you seen the cover of the September/October Crochet Today? I am digging that cowl!)
I’ve got my patterns downloaded and printed, my yarns and hooks all picked out and ready to get started again. I guess this counts as completing ‘yarnthings‘. Well it will now.

Playing with yarn,


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  1. I admire crocheters so much. I’ve never had a knack for it. I love to sew, but you can’t really carry around a sewing project around with you very easily!

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