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My recent visit to the Nangellini Gallery, the gift of a trash bag of yarn, the fact that I am not a Powerball winner thus necessitating the return of Sundays womaning the circ desk at my part time gig and that I will soon be on my own and even more cash poor than ever (eep!) has dictated the gathering of hooks and yarn and inspired me to work on some projects.

On the hook for the remainder of September:
Amazon from Cute Creepy Crochet for Arboo. Yes. The same Amazon I have been working on for weeks.
Ninja (from the same book) for a friend who lives in Tennessee.

Harry Potter scarf for my friend Karl R. (I met Karl when I jumped in front of him at line at, what my cousin dubs, a nerd convention). This scarf needs to be complete before October 17th when I am to return to said nerd convention.

I think this is a good start.
Pics later.
Happily hooking,


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