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Crochet projects in various states of completion:
-Sheralyn’s bag.
Her birthday has come and gone. At the rate I am working summer will have come and gone. It’s a beach tote that I have restarted with the yarn that I gobbled up from The Tangled Web.

Items from Creepy, Cute Crochet:

A Ninja for The Bee

Yay me! I actually finished her. The pattern wasn’t too difficult once I read through it a few times.

An Amazon for Arzilla. How apropos.
A Robot for the little boy across the street. Although I was informed there is a new book called Crobots so I may have to indulge…

A Market Day Bag. Thia is to be dome with the thick and quick yarn. Still working on it.

So far I have been doing a few rows at a time. I will see a friend of mine today who crochets and sells her wares at flea markets. I am going to check her out and get some inspiration.

Happily hooking,


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