Off the hooks: Flipping out!

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In which I stash bust AND use some of those books I hoard.

Old Navy was having it’s dollar flip flop sale. The Bee and I planned to hit them up but scouts, the senior moments I have been experiencing plus a bad case of the Idunwannas made me forget about the sale until late in the afternoon. By the time we got to the store the sale was still going on but there was only a handful of dollar flip flops left in bright colors. We had our choice of flips flops in brown, black and white. Bummed The Bee and I picked up a bunch of the colors that were left in our sizes with the thought of returning later to exchange for the colors we wanted.

Because I am a lazy cow busy woman I thought I could play around with the flip flops and do some stash busting because most likely I wouldn’t be returning to Old Navy for a while (body/money issues…for another time). Ive had some fun fur thats been sitting around for a while and I decided to give it a whirl.

The result

newly decked out shoes for The Bee. This pattern was found on the Lion Brand website after I did a search on Ravelry and Google.

Flipping through my 2011 Crochet a Day calendar I found Julia Regan’s flip flop topper pattern. Again I pulled out some yarn that I have literally had for years (Forreals! This was some of the first yarn someone gave to me when I first started hooking!) and decked out a second pair of white FFs.

The result? The Bee loves her new shoes and they look pretty cool. Now, for this design I would caution you to stick with the pattern. Because I’m me (and directionally and artistically challenged at times) I added extra rows in an attempt to cover the whole top of the shoe. This caused some bunching when The Bee slid the shoes on. The mesh pattern will pull and stretch naturally but I didn’t trust the pattern as it was written.

I haven’t adorned my shoes yet. Originally I was only going to do shoes for The Bee but I’m digging the look with the decorations. And not to self deprecate but my long feet will look a bit less like boats with a mesh cover.

I also like the idea of stash busting and trying something new. It looks like we have fancier foot wear and I made something other than a hat. Listening to my Lion Brand podcast today Liz and Zontee shred a tip from a listener who takes a break from her projects to do some stash busting once a month.

Next up…

Flower power!

Happily hooking,

PS: I lied…here is a hat I started for Pop.

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