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When I think about that period of time when The Bee’s dad and I spilt, initially I think of the pain, heartache and loss that I felt. After I mentally shake myself not to revisit that time when I was so, oh so depressed, I think about the positives (if you will) that resulted in the end of my married life. Such as… a new job, a career even, in which I feel as if I have been given new life and a love and desire to learn more, do more and be better. A newer relationship with me. This is a work in progress but this new Rachee is a wonderful person and I love getting to know more about her and who she is. I also think about the relationship that I have with my mom and the relationship she has with The Bee.

While I wallowed in the pity that comes with being a newly single woman, there was a small child to take care of. However in my sadness there were times I could barely take care of myself. Mom was there to help pick up the pieces as I struggled to make sense of this new life that I had. My mom was there to support me, get me out if the rut and make me see that there was more to me than a busted up bad marriage.

The Bee and my mom hang out, spend time together and are close in a way that I admire and sometimes envy. With an ease that I can’t quite manage, Mom can get The Bee to open up and share things with her that The Bee isn’t forthcoming with me. It’s a wonderful thing and I count my blessings that this is so.

I don’t think I’ve ever given my mom a proper thank you. Sure I have taken the time to do things for her, I may have even said the words but there were times when Mom would intuitively know that something was wrong and force me (as only a mom can) to get out of my own head and do something. She’s helped me raise my child who is growing to be a proper young lady. Mom has helped me to see my worth and Mom has helped me move on and find the Rachée that I lost when I tried to become a new person.

Moms have it rough. We take them for granted, looking towards them when things are rough, blaming them as they muddle along and just forgetting that they are just people with feelings and thoughts. When I think of how I fell apart after my marriage fell apart I think about how strong my mom had to have been to struggle with her own sickness and work demands yet be able to spend time making sure her daughter ate and her granddaughter was taken care of.
So I say thank you mom. I had to mentally travel across the world to appreciate that my Mom is indeed awesome as she stumbles along being a great mom and a great person.
Loving my Mom more than I can think,


This post was inspired by Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away the Left to Write May bookclub selection. I received a copy of the book to review. All thoughts and words are mine.


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