#MondayListicles, I Just Can’t Quit You

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This week Stasha is asking for ten things we just can’t get enough of and I just had to share my objects of obsession.



Ten Things I just can’t quit


1. This video:



I *know* I shouldn’t laugh at this woman because she really got hurt when she was attacked by that cat but she probably shouldn’t have been kicking snow at it.


2. This video:

  Sweet Brown has inspired my most favoritist catch phrase: “Ain’t nobody go time for that!” Often I do have time for it, but I still like saying it.

3. This game:

candy crush

I know people feel strongly about Candy Crush but I’m totally cool playing it. I allow myself a few swipes as I wait online, in the morning before I get out of bed, other TMI places.

4. Bob’s Burgers

I seriously love Bob’s Burgers. Tina’s groaning. Gene’s flatulence. Bob’s description of his family as being terrible. And Louise. She’s the best.


5. Pinterest

I pin lots of things. I’ve been making some of them too!

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6. Yarn

She who has the most toys, wins!

recent yaRRnthings

7. This child

The Bee and cat

8. This man



9. Kittehs!

10. This wine:



Since I am not a wine lover this tea infused win is perfect. It’s the right amount of sweet and so smooth. It’s available at my local Farmer’s Market every other week.

I know where I’ll be on Saturday Morning!


What’s on your list? Comment or link up with Stasha!


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