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This week the prompt for Monday Listicles is what we wanted to be when grew up.
If someone had ever told me that I’d be working on a library I woulda laughed because I stayed being a fugitive from the library! I used to live for Amnesty week because I would borrow books and forget to return them. if my future self returned to the pass and been all, “You’re gonna work in a library someday” I would have been all “Nah-ahn!” And future Rachee would have been all, “Uhn-hun” and young Rachee  would have been all “Fo’ real?” and…yeah…none of this would have happened cause space time continuim and some such nonsense.

Anywho ten things I wanted to be when I grew up:

1. A Mailman.
Yes. Man.
I may have mentioned having an idiot for a father and he was all, “Women can’t do stuff” and I was all, you’re right…they can’t! But the mailman we had was always nice and never went postal and drove a little truck that seemed so cool!

2. A social worker.
I wanted to help people, particularly children who needed to be adopted. Because there was a foster family down the street from us and they always seemed to be sad.

3. A nurse.
My aunt is a nurse and she was always someone I looked up to. Well, I still look up to her.

4. An obstetrician
Cause I liked babies. I really like other people’s babies.

5. A physical therapist
Cause I didn’t think I would get into med school. But then I failed biology three times and was like nuts to science ANYTHING!

6. A teacher.
Cause I want summers off.

7. A psychologist
Cause there are some effed up people in the world

8. A psychiatrist
So that I could medicate those effed up people from number 7

9. A Backup singer.
I just want to wear a slinkyish dress and harmonize in the background

10. An actress
I thought I could be a great performer on stage. I was going to be on Broadway, win a bunch off awards, have Liz Taylor like affairs and be HAWT!

What say you?
What did you want to be when you grew up?

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  1. MELISASource says:

    When I grow up I want to be…….Michelle Obama! 🙂

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