#MondayListicles and the Story of My Life

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This week Monday Listicles is Ten Chapters in the book of our life.
I’m feeling a tad weepy after an event that didn’t go as planned and as thus feeling a tad angsty and whiny but wanted to keep this fun so look for an angst filled post in a few.

Now then:

Ten chapters in The Tao of Rachée 

1. I’m not Raya
On life as an identical twin living in a eight mile radius.
I could probably write several chapters, if not a book, about the times people think I am my sister and conclude

  • I am really her but ignoring them
  • I am really her and lying to them
  • I am definately her but playing a joke
  • I have got to be kidding and making up a story
Which leads to the inevitable discussion of not being told Raya has a twin and that they can’t believe it! Doesn’t matter if I’m at the gym working out, with Effin Guy making out (we don’t) or at work and Raya is there. Crazy!

2. That’s right; I’m mom
On the realization that despite having been someone’s mother for 13 (THIRTEEN) years, there are times that I cannot believe I am the person who is responsible for signing permission forms, filling out medical history and being the authority. (*Snicker* Authority)

3. That Time I…
On shenanigans I have found myself mixed up in.
Sneak preview: One time I attended a house party and the host was wearing a Onesie Pooh Bear Pajama Outfit.

4. Diets and Barbells and Sneakers…oh my!
On my weight loss attempts, faux pas and the like.
(Bad attempts at) Weight loss (are) is a bitch

5. She Loves Her Some Him
or Love is Strange
On that time I took a chance and it wasn’t horrible.

6. Rachee…You in Danger Girl
On loving those heroes who are truly, truly zeroes.

7. I’m Ready for My Closeup
On being front and center for performances, also known as storytime at the library

8. Code Blue! Code Blue!
On the years I worked at different hospitals because I wanted to do something science-y

9. Hit Me With Your Best Shot!
On those occasions when things had not gone as planned. Yes, it sucks but it’s not the end of the world.

10. As Yet Untitled
The adventure continues!

What’s in your book?


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  1. I would totally buy your book!

  2. I would totally buy your book!

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