Monday Musings: The $46,000 child

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My newest guilty pleasure is a podcast called The Hollywood Hangover hosted by CNN’s Michelle Wright and Katie Caperton. It airs three times each week and through the beauty of Stitcher I get a chance to soak up all of the celebrity gossip that I can with a mere tap of a button via an app on my phone. The latest podcast featured a piece on former supermodel Linda Evangilista. Ms. Evangelista has a kid, Augustine who is four,  with French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault. Francois is married to Salma Hayek and THEY have a three year old daughter. Linda is now demanding forty-six grand a month from Francois. She says its to hire a 24-hour nanny and security for the four year old.


That’s a whole lotta Happy Meals.

Francois, from what I hear, is richer than rich. He’s a French billionaire with a net worth estimated at 11.5 billion dollars so it’s not like he cannot afford it but dang! Forty-six thousand dollars? That;s what some people make a year. Reading through the gossip rags there are no kind words for Linda. She seems to be jealous of his wife and the care that Salma gets for her little one ( a daughter that is a mere year younger than Linda’s kid). It’s reported that Linda is worth 8 million dollars and last year made 1.8 million. Whatever, I am still bemused at the 46,000 per month cost.

The reason for the request seem to range from necessary (security) to just (IMHO) crazy (three nannies)
It seems very selfish to demand so much money per month especially if this cost is for two full time nannies and a part time on call nanny. Can’t Linda spend time with her kid like us regular folk? I can get her asking for this much money so that she can pay for an exclusive school. Hell, I would love a tenth of her request so that that I can send The Bee to an exclusive school. Security for the kid I get. I saw Rush Hour, Ransom and The Big Hit to name a few. People get desparate, follish and suddenly abducting Mr. Rich Man’s kid seems like a good idea. I read another report that said Augustin was accostomed to a certain lifestyle. Uh…he’s four. LINDA may be accostomed to a certain lifestyle. I’m sure Sugustin just wants some time with his mom.

I called The Dad and asked him his opinion. After I assured him that I would not be demanding 46 anything from him each month he shared that he thought she was asking for too much. Per The Dad:

 Its an extravagance that is just not needed. As a man in the same sort of situation what you do for one, you have to do for the other. It depends on what she’s getting. If she’s getting a reasonable amount then she should not be asking for more. Men should take financial responsibility for their children; it’s a shared responsibility. She should be getting something from him but why that amount for ONE kid. Its a baby.

As for me, I think if Francois should treat the kids equally. Children don’t ask to be born; they don’t get to pick their families but the family they get should be prepared to do what’s needed to make the kid is taken care of. I won’t judge further; I’m sure there are websites for that. All I can say is that for that amount of money I guess Linda WILL not jut get out of bed, she will will leap.

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