Monday Listicles: Now What?

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Before I begin, I have to give a shoutout to my fantabulous friend and IT guy, Kinsgley from Halucion. After a few texts he has my cyber space up and running and I can get back to writing all of the things about all of the things. If you’re so inclined, check out his services or his music mixes.

Speaking of wanting to blog, now that I can…I can’t. When I was down and out I had all of these ideas but the blog is back up and suddenly I am feeling all stuck and there is a fair bit of pearl clutching and hand wringing as I try to think of words to write.

Monday Listicles asks Now What?

As in now that I am up and running, now what will I write about?

  1. Exploits about work? Summer reading, program, QUEST is in full swing and I have yet to complain! (BeTeeDubs…it’s going ok but I may complain because me.)
  2. Share some book reviews? I have been working on the 52 book Challenge through Goodreads although I keep forgetting to log the books on Goodreads. 
  3. My awful experience with the Philadelphia Parking Authority? Yes, while they are literally the worse and I had an experience with them that has made me scrupulous about never ever ever getting another parking ticket. 
  4. Parenting a young adult? So while The Bee is an adult (rude) and her story is HER story to tell but I have some feelings about my part of her story (mostly some whining about what “they never told me”) but it needs to be shared if it can reach at least ONE person.
  5. My thoughts on Whirlwind Romances? If love is “never having to say you’re sorry” then a whirlwind romance is rolling your eyes and thinking, “I am going to smack the taste out of your mouth if you don’t close your mouth while chewing” while pretending that the adorable thing is not annoying as crap. 
  6. Knitthings? I made a sweater, didn’t make some other promised things, but am testing a sweater and it’s slow going but going. 
  7. Missing Lil? As of this post it’s been there weeks that she got out of the house and has not been seen. Walking up and down the street I have not seen hide more hair of her but have met a bunch of neighbors. We may be adopting  new cat soon but I am holding out hope that Lil comes home soon.
  8. Politics? I always stayed away because “I didn’t now what I was talking about” but these times we’re in? This is not the time for willful ignorance. I have thoughts and while they may not be soundbite worthy, they are worth articulating. Instead of worrying about being wrong I have started getting involved and it is …tricky.
  9. Food things? This is kind of covered on the joint venture (At the Table with R and R) but there maybe some food related things that I need to “say” instead of put on the “table”. (See what I did there?)
  10. All the things? Since I have the space and time, let’s go.

I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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