Monday Listicles: Nobody Puts Odell in a Corner

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In which I am teetering on Dirty ole Lady Territory and streaming the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.nday Listicles: Nobody Puts Odell in a Corner After avoiding football all season long (some boycott related…nuts to you Lurie, some jinx related…every time I purposely watch a game the Eagles lose – except last night) I tuned into the Super Bowl to see my Eagles whup the PatriNots. Fly Eagles fly! However, the real winner of Super Bowl LII is the commercial featuring Odell Beckham Jr (The Bee helpfully informed me that he used to date Khloe Kardashian) and Eli Manning (who my sister helpfully informed is not a third Manning brother playing football).

  But let’s talk about this commercial. It’s awesome. I have watched this commercial so many times today that my teen left the room on it’s last play. Really. Here’s a Listicle for why this was the best commercial last night.

  1. It’s better than the Dirty Dancing remake that aired last summer. Someone should have put that mess in a corner because NO.
  2. Number 21 jamming when they first start the routine and then his instruction to the coach, “Let him dance.” Number 21, Landon Collins, just casually observes the spontaneous dance routine like it’s no big deal that in the middle of football practice your teammates start jamming.
  3. The coach’s face. I don’t think he’s a killjoy; he’s just kinda wondering what the ham fat is going on?
  4. The nod to Dirty Dancing as well as Odell Beckham Jr’s head nod. Much like Baby in (the original) Dirty Dancing he’s all, “Let’s do this.”
  5. Eli Manning’s White Man Overbite (thank you Billy Crystal). When Eli and Odell first start we clearly see Odell outdancing Eli but so what. They both make the most of it. And be honest. You KNOW you’re going to be practicing that dance for your next party. (Oh wait. That’s me.)
  6.  Eli’s dance solo. It’s kinda painful to watch; you can see him counting each step (I can say this because I, too, have no rhythm and game recognizes game) but he’s letting it all go so it’s all good. He actually looks like Michael Penn from Footloose when Kevin Bacon is trying to teach him to dance so that makes him all the more adorable.
  7. The Backup dancers. I love how they look like they all drew the short straws and have to appear…with the exception of number 77 and number 73. Clearly someone has watched Dirty Dancing (the original). They are both in it to win it.
  8. Can we talk about how adorable Odell Beckham Jr is? Sure, he’s young enough for me to be his… really cool aunt but dammit that smile. 
  9. This commercial is fun. I am sure people don’t want to see their rough and tumble football peeps dancing but this jawn is so much more. It’s men having fun, an homage to a great movie (the original) and now we’re all singing She’s Like the Wind in the mirror with a hairbrush.

  Did I miss anything? What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Before you go, enjoy the original:


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  1. I just saw the commercial. It is the best one. Liked your thoughts on it, particularly about the coach’s face.

    1. Rachee says:

      The coach just looks so puzzled…like WHY. Bwahahahahaha!

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