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On Black Friday there was an amazing deal on one of the deal coupon sites for a membership to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (Art Museum). I scooped it up thinking that if The Bee and I visited the museum even three times we would break even.

Oh my stars have I come to love my membership! In the past when we have visited the museum we would rush through the museum, an attempt to make make the visit worth the price of admission. However with our membership we have time to leisurely visit and stroll through the gallery, checking out art, discovering new favorites and enjoying being a part of a world that can seem a bit unaccessible and out of our realm.


From the Art Museum‘s website:
International Pop navigates a fast-paced world packed with bold and thought-provoking imagery, revealing a vibrant cultural period shaped by widespread social and political revolution. This exhibition chronicles Pop art’s emergence as a global movement, migrating from the UK and the US to western and eastern Europe, Latin America, and Japan. Although Pop arose in distinct forms within each region, artists expressed a shared interest in mass media, consumerism, and figuration.

One discovery is the International Pop exhibit. The Bee and I visited the museum and were able to take a look at Pop Art. I was expecting some Andy Warhol soup cans or lots of daisies but the exhibit is so much more.

The Bee likened this photo to Trump. I don’t disagree.

mod to martha graham cracker

My Hallahan girl had to pose in front of Mickey.

mod to martha graham cracker


The Art Museum offers so much! On Friday evenings there is Art After 5, a unique blend of entertainment from 5:00 to 8:45 p.m. in the Great Stair Hall.  Each week, the Great Stair Hall transforms into an intimate cabaret for Art After 5 performances. Starr Events serves up fun, shareable snacks and light supper options as well as cocktails, wine, and beer to complement the live entertainment.


To conclude the International Pop exhibit, the museum’s Art After Hours had the fabulous Martha Graham Cracker as the guest for Art After Five. It was the perfect way to end the week; a full house welcomed Martha and sounds from the sixties.

Martha worked this black and white pantsuit for the first set.

mod to martha graham cracker

This gold number was fierce and fabulous for the second set.

mod to martha graham cracker


With only a little over a week left for International Pop, the museum is offering members an in-person discount on guest passes. Until May 15, it’s $5 to bring friends and family to experience the exhibition. Come in, bring your loved ones, and celebrate pop culture with them. 

If you’re not a member, click here to learn about the different levels of membership. It’s totally worth  a trip to museum and you never know what you’ll see.


r’s note: Please forgive the grainy cell phone pics. I wanted to drinking Martha and only took a few quick (rather unfortunate) shots with my phone. Which needs the lens cleaned and a steadier hand. 


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