Mamma Mia! It’s Just Dance Abba!

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When I got the e-mail saying that I would be a receiving a Just Dance Abba game I was really excited. Disco! Abba! Glam! Hooray! However I found that Just Dance Abba wasn’t quite the experience I was hoping for. It was fun but not a family favorite and our dance party did not go quite as smoothly as I would have hoped.

For our Just Dance experience, The Bee and I decided to have a girls night. We forgo the 70’s food but donned platforms and bell bottoms (high heels and flared pants!) to get our groove on. We set up the thoughtfully provided disco ball, cranked up the sound and poped in the game.

Like other versions of the Just Dance Games, players score points for matching the moves in the game. Unlike other versions of the game, hardly any movement was needed to score. A mere flick of the Wi remote and we scored points including the bonus gold points for perfectly sticking a move. Another thing I was disappointed with was the small print of the songs. As we play, we typically sing along and this time the words were printed so small that it was hard to read the writing.

The songs are familiar to both The Bee and I due to many blastings of the greatest hits of Abba but after going through the sings once The Bee was ready to play something else and I found myself unable to convince her otherwise.


The game is great for a light cardio workout. If you are expecting something to get your heart pumping, this game is not it. The moves are really easy and there was nothing challenging despite the notes at the beginning of each song.

The print was really small which made singing along not fun. To play the karaoke version a microphone is needed and since we didn’t have one we opted not to use it.
The moves were not at all challenging. Which could be a positive for players not used to the physically demanding other versions. Even my kid, who does her share of sitting as we play other dance games, complained about the lack of challenge in the game.

I really wish the game was more fun. I think if there was a way to get a mash up of the songs as a way to offer more of a variety I would opt to play the game more. As it stands, the game is great for days when I feel like dancing but without getting to sweaty.

Don’t want to take my word? Check out Just Dance Abba on Amazon and see for yourself.

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