Make a Light Box with #TBCCrafters

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My photos are, well, awful. I really do attempt to stage them with a clear background, bright light, and in focus but inevitably when I upload a photo to my blog it’s all sad trombones.

Hopefully the light box I created will solve some of these problems.


Cardboard box (I used a copy paper box from Staples)

white paper


box cutter

tissue paper





Using the box cutter I cut a large square out of the side of each box, leaving about an inch of space around the box.



After cutting out the sides cover the box with white paper.


Using the tissue paper, cover the sides of the boxes.


Set up your Light box near a window, light source and take pictures!


Shameless self promo…like the boot toppers I made last week?

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  1. Jamie says:

    Great for picture taking!! Pinned & Tweeted!!

  2. Brandi says:

    Good job! This is so super easy to make that I might even try it!

  3. Neat idea. I never thought of making my own.

  4. Rose Powell says:

    Oh that’s cool! Is that how people get those perfect pictures every time?! I stink at photo taking!

  5. Lady Bren says:

    Good job on both the light box and boot toppers

  6. Hey Rachee, it is great, exactly what I need. I would need to take so many pictures each week to get some good ones for my post. With this lightbox idea, I think that it is easily for me to shoot better picture. I have this kind of boxes in the office, many many.

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