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Next week my weight loss challenge begins and I had a test run for how my late nights will look. I have prior commitments that will keep me out of the house late on Tuesdays and Thursdays and know that I have to begin planning and preparing what I will eat to remain successful in losing weight. My past weight loss and eating changes have been derailed by my lack and poor planning, eating on the go, and feeling restricted; I find that I resort to grab and chew behavior negating any progress that I may make.

Last night when I got home at 9:45 pm, I found myself hungry and not really interested in starting a meal or eating a bowl of cereal. I decided to check out Foodler and see if I could get a delivery of a healthy meal. Unfortunately, the options for my area were not plentiful. My late arrival home meant that I was not able to try the Indian restaurant that I had been eyeing and I had to look for other low cal fair. I did a search using the terms “low calorie”, “grilled” and “diet” and the choices were a bit limited. My favorite Chinese restaurant does have a diet menu but last night I wasn’t really in the mood for their selection. I opted for a salad and ordered a grilled chicken from Best Pizza House.

The salad I ordered was plentiful and filled me up. The fifty minute wait I had to get my food was not what I had in mind. I suspect that my wait was due to The Best Houses low minimum which is six dollars. Ordering online was easy and there is an option to arrange special needs to your meal.

Six bucks. Yes!

I will say that I was a bit disappointed with the restaurants choices that offered delivery. For someone attempting to watch what she eats, it was struggle to find something that will fit into my diet needs. I am sure that if I were ordering earlier in the evening there would have been plenty of options for me to choose but my late night ordering limited my restaurant choices and selections.

For what it’s worth, Foodler has plenty of options that will satisfy many bellies. My nervousness of ordering the “wrong” thing aside, there are many low priced options if I were so inclined to pick up my food. The salad I ordered was plentiful and huge and worth the convenience of ordering.

Check out Foodler for yourself. It’s not available in all areas yet but if you are able, give it a go.

r’s note: I was given $15.00 in Foodler bucks to use to evaluate the program, however all opinions are my own.


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