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Earlier this week, The Bee and I attended a Phillies game courtesy of my friend Leigh Ann (thanks again!). It was a “Stitch ‘n’ Pitch”, an event that brings together people who love baseball and people who love to stitch (crochet, knit and there was even one lady with embroidery!). I have heard of Stitch ‘n’ Pitch and didn’t think anything of them besides other than they were a live place to watch a baseball game and get hooked with friends (see what I did there?).
Wednesday’s Stitch ‘n’ Pitch was hosted by ChemoClothes. Their vision is quite lovely! From their website:

Our vision is to give every person—whether it be a patient going through chemotherapy, a cancer survivor, a family member or a friend—the opportunity to fight cancer. Through the use of everyday hobbies like knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing and crafting, ChemoClothes gives people a chance to make a difference. All of the time and effort put into each piece goes on to serve two purposes with a single sale. It touches the buyer in a personal way as the creator’s story is told, whether through a letter or through the piece itself. And the money from the sale funds our efforts to beat cancer.

What a great vision!
The Bee was attending her first Phillies game and we were swept up in the excitement of the crowd. I am by no means a baseball fan but I can see how people get excited at the live action going on at the park. The fans, the sea of red, the Phanatic.
Even more awesome were the needle workers! Needles and hooks flew as people completed projects. It was such a great night!
I finished a hat in six innings but the ChemoClothes people had already left.
It was such a cool experience! Visit them online and like them on Facebook to learn more about their mission.

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