J is for Jog

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I can claim something that I have never claimed before: I jogged for twelve minutes straight!
It was on the treadmill (next goal, an outdoor run) but darn it  I was running, jogging!  I have finally reached week six of couch to 5K and boy oh boy did I tear up that treadmill. I cranked up my showtunes, gave myself a pep talk and away I wogged.

I wanted to quit, goodness knows I wanted to stop and walk but I made myself keep on keeping on. I always quit  and wanted to do something new. Here are things that got me through:

The mind plays tricks on you.
As I ran my body was able to do one more second, one more minute but I have been so sedentary for so long that my go place is “No, you can’t do this.” After I checked that I was able to breathe, albeit a little heavier and loudly, that nothing was hurting that that there were only a few minutes left I was able to power through the workout.

I AM stronger than when I started.
The changes have been slow…I can fit that tee shirt I had given up on…I can almosy do a split…Holy Sprints Batman! I’m running! I always thought of myself as a fat ass pretending to get in shape but in reality I am getting there. Slower than I like (I need to look at my diet but…yeah) but I am not as weak as I was seven weeks ago.

No one cares about your breathing.
Seriously. They don’t. In fact I like to think I inspired to breath holders to let loose and gasp for air along with me.

Sweat is sexy.
Not the puddle on the machine you just used but the glow that means you worked it and worked it good.

The runner’s high is real.
During my last run I had a moment when I felt like I could move forever. After wanting to quit, after thinking I would never be able to do it, after a whole heap of negative self talk, I did it!

It’s worth it in the end.
I’m not where I want to be but I’ve taken those first steps and feel like I want to keep going.

It’s your turn. What makes you keep on keeping on when you want to quit?
Let me know!


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