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…Insurance and Injury.

Last week The Bee injured herself during track practice and we had to rush off to the emergency room. It’s been a while since we had to go to the ER for her and even longer since I have worked in a hospital and all I can say is wow! Ch-ch-ch-changes! All of the forms that were required for care are now electronically signed. Despite being covered by both The Dad and I there were so many forms and co-pays (OK two but that still seemed excessive for the whole 27 minutes of treatment) and the small print is still small.

Despite my whining about the in and out visit but the wait (I know I’m whining and really should stop but…nah!) I am fortunate that I am employed and have coverage, that The Dad is employed and has coverage and that we both we able to be present for The Bee. We managed to be seen and leave within hours (three-ish) of our arrival but it got me to thinking of the folks who may not have been so fortunate. What if you are someone who is in pain and have to wait to be seen? What if you were all alone in the ER waiting for the outcome of something that one shouldn’t have to face alone? What if you don’t have the co-pay and even insurance? What it? What if? What if?

In PA there is medical assistance available for lower income families. While everyone may not be eligible  it is worth a look to know it may be an option. There is CHIP, The Children’s Health Insurance Program, and more info can be found through this link. There is medicaid. I have not had to rely on either and cannot speak on the virtues of the plans but it is good to know that there are options.

As far as myself, it was eye-opening to see just how unprepared I was. There was a time that I knew The Bee’s medical history like I knew my own name. During the ED visit and the follow up with orthopaedics, I struggled to recall the answers to things I used to know. The Bee was amazed that I knew as much as I did about her and we were able to complete the form but I have to say that I was unnerved by my forgetfulness. When I got home, got The Bee settled and was able to reflect on the evening I made a checklist of hospital must haves:

1. Insurance cards (copies and originals if possible)
2. Numbers for your Physicians
3. List of medications
4. Past medical history
5. Co-pay (My ER gave me a few days to pay which was helpful)

Anything else?
Let me know you Emergency Room tips.
Here’s hoping we won’t have to use them.


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