In My Ears: I’ve Come Undone!

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Yes, my phone is crappy but who cares!
The show was great!
In which I channel my tween self.
also know as That time I went to see Duran Duran.

My friend Dresden invited me to attend a Duran Duran concert at The Tower Theater in Upper Darby and I was all a giggle. My sister had mentioned Duran Duran was touring but I didn’t think anything else of it. Color me neon pink when I found out that I was going to be a guest! To get ready I listened to all of the Duran Duran on my iPod and thought of fond school girl crushes of yester year. Way back when, in sixth grade, a classmate used to LOVE Duran Duran. Y—- G—– was obsessed. She knew all about Nick, John, Andy, Roger and of course Simon. She knew all of the words of every song and used to make up stories about marrying Simon. She always had a Bop, Tiger Beat and any other teeny bop magazine featuring the group. Yes. We did attend an urban school. Because my family didn’t have cable I had to get our video fixes vicariously through YG or from Video Rock. But due to repeated air play, I knew the words of all of the songs

Through the years I have fallen in an out of lust with Duran Duran but their music stands the test of time. Who doesn’t shimmy when The Reflex is playing? Jerk around and shout do do do do do do do do do do do do dodoooooo! when the opening rift Hungry Like the Wolf  comes on? And you know you get sucked in to the world of double oh seven When A View to a Kill is playing.  Maybe it’s just me but even The Bee knows about their music even if it’s from the movie Big Fat Liar.

Moving on, Monday night we joined a crowd at The Tower Theater to see them live! Sadly, Dresden couldn’t go but Buffy went with and at the theater we met up with a pair of friends from our social media group, Babypop and Hchybinski. We met a group pair of ladies who won a contest and flew in with the band! We sat with some other Philadelpghia area bloggers and we just had a blast!

Opening for the group was a band called Neon Trees. They are a mix of punk, rock, and alternative.  I had never heard of Neon Trees but they did a good job of getting the crowd hyped for Duran Duran. The lead singer reminded me of Mick Jagger the way he strutted across the stage and I am not sure if the way he caressed the microphone was fit for all ages.

When they exited the stage social media merged with the modern concerts as we were all encouraged to use the hashtag #duranlive to see our tweets fly across the screen. If you were at the Tower Theater last night, yes, that was me giving props to a senior citizen sitting near the front row. It was so much fun to read what people were thinking. Among the tweets: the concert was a birthday gift and an anniversary gift.

Finally, the show! My crush of men called Simon was temporarily transferred from Simon Pegg to Simon Le Bon as Le Bon strutted, danced and grooved across the stage. His voice sounded just the same and the band, down by one, rocked. They sounded terrific. The instruments were good, the crowd was out of control and I felt like I was sitting in the cafeteria of Longstreth Elementary School listening to YG talk about the latest video.

It’s a wonder I can speak. Each song played was something I knew and I screamed, er sang along with. Even the things from their new album sounded good and caused ecstatic squeals of joy. I am not entirely ashamed that I yelled and, well lost it when The Reflex came on. I attempted to capture some video from that moment but sadly my screaming and jumping caused the worst video ever. Please know that I got my workout for the day and that I apologize to the row behind me who were forced to see me jump up and down while screaming. And for enduring the accidental hits that may or may not have occurred when I did that arm shake guitar thing.

This was one of the best late Mondays I’ve had in ages. The crowd was fun, the band was marvelous and I have a new appreciation for big hair, men wearing liner and Rio. The new album comes out in March and I am excited to listen to more of their music.

Living in an Ordinary World,

r’s note: My friend Dresden invited me to attend a Duran Duran concert at The Tower Theater in Upper Darby as a part of the social media campaign for Duran Duran’s current album, All You Need Is Now. Part of the campaign is to tweet using the hashtag #DuranSocial when I Tweet. By following the #DuranSocial hashtag you can be a part of the hype surrounding their current tour. Also, check out their website to see if Duran Duran is coming to a town near you. Click hereto purchase All You Need Is Now.


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