Hold the Phone; Navigating Customer Service With #FIOSPhilly

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r’s note: This post is sponsored by Verizon Fios as part of the #FIOSPhilly Campaign. All opinions found here are strictly my own.

Since I’ve had Verizon Fios and have been a member of the FIOSPhilly social media team, I have loved sharing stories of my experience with Fios. Stories like when the service became available in my area and the joy of finally being able to use FIOS…the internet speed is out of this world! Also, y’all know that I love me some TV so I am very happy to share opinions on my shows via the Twitter and Instagram. There is one thing that I have not thought to share with you and that would be navigating through customer service. “cause, ya know, talking “business” is not as fun as watching MacGyver (dang! I forgot to set the DVR) or crowing over superfast internet speeds when streaming music.

If you find that you need help with your Verizon services, and are loathe to make a phone call (who even uses their phones to make calls?) here are some ways to make your customer service experience a bit smoother.

  1. Use the online services. I used to think that I *needed* to speak to someone in order to get assistance and that’s not always the case. The online customer service assistant is very helpful with resolving some of the issues. Be ready to type and chat with a specialist to get assistance with your questions.
  2. Check the forums. This was not my first thought but I told myself that other people are probably going through similar issues and that I should see if there is something I can do to help myself. The forums are a mix of Verizon articles and Verizon community users sharing thoughts and ideas. There are discussions ranging from how to use the remote, to how to set your DVR to what to do it you have questions about your services.
  3. Use your remote. There is a reason that remote looks like an honor’s calculus calculator. In addition to changing the channel and setting the DVR, your Verizon remote can be used to update services or navigate through some minor issues. There is a menu under the options on the remote that will guide you through ways to troubleshoot your problem.


My hope is that these tips will make your Verizon experience as smooth as possible and allow you to continue enjoying the service you are getting. Hope this helps and I will catch you on the Twitter!



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  1. jeff says:

    Thanks for the options! I never would have thought to use the remote itself, as logical as that sounds now that you’ve mentioned it. Thank you!

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