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r’s note: This post is sponsored by Verizon Fios as part of the #FIOSPhilly Campaign. All opinions found here are strictly my own.

In which I share my experience with the first month of Fios television services.


Fios Television Service | Say it, "Rah-shay"

The decision to cut the cord three years ago was part economical, part lack of programming choices. The economics came into play when the promotion period ended with the provider we were using. After calling and trying to work out deals, the bill, like rent, was too damn high. We opted to cut the cord and stream through various methods. Which is where lack of programming choices come in. We had hundreds of channels with cable but there were only a few that we actually watched. It seemed like a waste of money to pay for a service that we only used some of the times so we sent that box back and streamed through various methods.

When I saw the Verizon trucks in my area, I knew that I wanted to use them for internet services and while Fios for television was a nice thought, I told myself that nope, no, nah. I would stick with streaming and be happy with it. But, but, but I started to allow myself to think about watching network television without manipulating an antenna and then I started thinking that, Game of Thrones is coming back on and I really wanted to watch with Mr. Robot without squinting at a small screen (yes, yes…first world problems that I am totally going to contradict myself with in about three paragraphs!). I called to upgrade my services and learned that not only would my bill not cause me to have to sell organs to afford it, I could pick an choose television packages featuring channels that The Bee and I would actually watch.


Originally I wanted to be able to watch “Law & Order” and The Bee wanted to be able to catch up on Cartoon Network and it was all groovy. I caught up with Lenny and Ed Green and McCoy’s righteous indignation and The Bee was all into “Adventure Time” and something called “We Bare Bears.” In fact, having Fios Television service was quite addictive, we were catching up on all of the shows that we wanted to watch and we were having a good time doing so. Such a good time that I may have plead a case to The Librarian that going out was totally overrated and that we should Cable and pizza instead of a proper date night.

Don’t judge me…I judge myself enough. There was some caution going in to getting Fios Televison services. I was a little nervous that I would send all of my time staring at the TV and that first week, lord did I get my money’s worth.

After some of the novelty wore off, I can look at the service with a little more practicality. Sure, I can watch what I want, when I want to but there are tools to help me manage my watching. Using the Fios app on my tablet and phone (this is that contradiction thing I referred to earlier), I can take Fios on the go and schedule what I want to watch and when, using DVR. I can stream if I want or choose to catch up with something on Demand.

Fios Television Service | Say it, "Rah-shay"

This former cord cutter has gladly embraced the cord again and loves her service. I am happy to share my story about Fios and really do love my service. I do embrace my couch potato status and am happy to catch up with some of TV’s most beloved characters from my comfy couch or while cleaning…you know how it is.

Fios Television Service | Say it, "Rah-shay"



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