Hiding under there is my kid…I think

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or why does my child insist on dressing like a dock worker?

The last group of pictures I have taken of my child has made her look like she is wanted for some crime. Lately she has taken to wearing hoodies. In her defense she claims its because she is cold (and why would she wear one of the many hats that have been made for her?) but I can recall Mom always yelling at me to take off the baseball hats that I insisted on wearing as a kid. I think in the scheme of things a kid wearing a hoodie is a small thing but what’s the deal with my nine year old wanting to look like, well a thug?
When The Bee was smaller she was like a living doll. I would dress her in those sweet outfits that always seemed to come with matching headband and socks. As a toddler she went through a phase in which she only wanted to wear skirts and boots. In the scheme of things a skirt and boots were the least of my concern as I was battling sleepiness and trying to find something that she could and would actually eat. The older she got the more my concern was that her clothes fit, as a tall thin kid her clothes always looked like she was either a plain kid or ready for her close up. But now…I hate hoodies!
I hope this phase ends soon.

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