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Aside from the title of the blog, Look Better Naked, there are other fitness goals that I have.

1. Look Better Naked. I mean it. Seinfeld said there is such a thing as good naked and bad naked and right now I am all kinds of bad naked.

2. Cut back on the amount of sugar in my diet. I eat more than I realize and its not pretty.

3. Run a mile without being winded. Well, winded is not the right word. Crushed and cursing is a better way to describe my breathing state when I’m done.

4. Eat breakfast daily. I have been grabbing a coffee and running through my morning only to crash and then nibble a quick lunch and stuff myself with dinner. I know, I know,…this is all kinds of screwy. O love coffee but I can really supplement it with, ya know. Food.

5. Want to exercise. I know that this reads a bit silly but I really want to love exercise as much as I do love sitting on the couch.

6. Be able to wear sleeveless shirts. I suppose I could wear them now but my arms look like bat wings and it is not visually appealing experience for any.

7. Be able to perform my storytimes without being out of breath. I really, really, really get winded doing my warm-ups and it makes for a lesser (in my opinion) storytime.

8. Be able to fit the outfits hiding in the back of my closet. I have several goal outfits and dammit this year I will be wearing it that dress with the peekaboo slip deal, the jeans that look good and be able to button them!

9. Stop apologizing and feeling bad about what I look like, where I am, what I am doing.

10. (I found this on Source: womenshealthmag.com via Wendy on Pinterest
Pinterest!) Reward myself. For each time I work out, think of myself in a positive way and ENJOY what I am doing, I’ll add a buck to my jar and use my haul for that new size I’ll be sporting.

What are your goals?
Add them and we’ll get fit together!



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  1. Pammy pam says:

    those are good goals. im doing WW and being hungry all the damn time? sucks. i want to live forever so i can torture my kids.

  2. Sarah Allan says:

    Those are great goals! Definitely make realistic ones, and concentrate on being healthy, and the rest will help fall into place. I have some books published by Men’s Health called Eat This, Not That. There are a bunch in the series, though my favorites are the Supermarket Survival Guide, and Drink This, Not That. Check them out if you get a chance! You mentioned cutting back on sugar, and the books definitely help with things like that. Good luck!

  3. Tammy says:

    Great Goals Rachee. I’d like to exercise MORE and still eat the same. Guess I need to change my thinking because while I like to exercise (bike, hike, dance) I never seem to make the time to actually DO IT!

    I really AM going to look for the belly dancing dvd on Netflix that you talked about in an earlier post!

    LOVE the Pinterest idea too!

  4. Tammy says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I shared the link to your blog in my “I” post today.

    tammy at http://heartstringquilts.blogspot.com/

  5. Great name for a blog! And your posts are a gentle push for those of us who need it. You offer solid advice and simple ways to follow it. Very cool. Thank you…from one A – Zer to another:)

  6. Hey there, Just found you via the A to Z blogging challenge. I am loving the theme you have going here. My goal is to become more of a healthy eater so that I may have a longer, happier future. Loving the idea of a reward jar, and I am sure you will be sporting your new size soon.

  7. mare ball says:

    Oh my gosh, I can so relate to the weight thing. It’s been a life long struggle for me and I’m SICK of working on it. I would love to sit on the couch and lose weight. 🙂 During this a-z challenge, I’m sitting more than usual. I hit the gym 3 x a week, but I’ve been doing it for 10 years and still have the same fat. My only consolation is that I’d be fatter if I DIDN’T go. Sad, sad. Enjoy your writing and became a follower. 🙂

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