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Look Better Naked By Apr 07, 2012 1 Comment


My niece suggested this and I love it. In my quest to, well, look better naked, I’ve been so serious (imagine a scrunchy looking face) in trying to get a thing started that I forgot the first rule of anything: If it’s not fun for everybody, including me, then it’s not fun.

I polled the kids to see what exercise is fun for them:

The Bee: Lunges (which is why her legs are so strong)
Pop: Bicycles (she has a surprisingly strong core area)
Dill: Treadmill (uh, M’ok)


The things I THINK I should be doing are a pain in the butt. The things I LIKE doing I need to do more.
My goal for, well ever, have fun and enjoy.



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  1. Tammy says:

    Fun is always good!

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