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To paraphrase the wizard: Pay no attention to the date of this post.

I am totes behind in my posting but I think my awesome Pinterest finds will make up for it.
Not buying? Well here are things that I found and loved online last week.

So. The Bee has been sick off and on the last few weeks and between The Dad’s house and mine our “take your medicine” schedule gets quite wonky. How simple yet brilliant is this idea?

Really? Just a quick check off to say that yes, the medicine was taken or nopers, you need to get it done. No more forgotten doses! No more question of did you?

This pin was slated for Christmas but my geek flag saw a Star Trek communicator:

Source: via Karen on Pinterest

Whatever it is, I think this is cool. I can totes see this as a wall decoration. Perhaps Trek it out a bit more…a small Enterprise, a Klingon symbol. Spock ears or little communicators.

I know I promised to crochet things other than hats but I keep finding so many cute things!
Like this:

Source: via Crystal on Pinterest

and this (The Bee has already hit me up for one and really, that face gets me):

and this:

Source: via Rachée on Pinterest

Really! Can you blame a gal for getting sidetracked?

And lastly I’ve been thinking of cutting my locs. Not for the usual too lazy to retwist them reasons but more for it’s time for a change reasons.
I Love the way this chick is rocking her locs:

Source: via Rachée on Pinterest

But then I’ll see something like this:

Or this:

And think Nah!
What goodies have you found on Pinterest this week?
Share your finds in the comments.

Pinning the night away,


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