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This week I have not had much a social media presence. My home computer is down, I’ve been crazy busy at work and trying to blog from my phone quite frankly sucks. Instead of sharing ALL of the random crap that’s been going through my head, here are some of the things that I have been reading this week.

Mister Mann Frisbee (yes, that is his real name) shares his tale of being labeled a Deadbeat Dad. This is a must read for ANYONE with children especially if you have a partner who is on your last nerve but may be doing the best they can.

I should have been reading this article from Jessica at Found the Marbles all week long. I have been stressing myself to much over the holidays! Here she offers DOABLE tips and ideas to de-stress. Woosah!

Today, December 23rd, is Festivus. I first heard about Festivus from Seinfeld and get a giggle each time the episode airs. Here is a bit more about the history from Time and the Festivus site.

When I was cooking up names for The Bee I felt that I was making a major decision that would color EVERYTHING about her for life. Apparently not everyone takes the task of naming a child so seriously! According to Madame Noire there are some Poor Children with creative names.

I also love the 15 Things Black Girls Do on Facebook. I am so guilty of a few of these but will not share in an effort to not be telling all of my business (says the blogger!).

Have you heard of The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl? Issa Rae is hilarious as J who is black and well awkward. Watch her J and sympathize with her as she conquers coworkers, mean girls and dating. Have I mentioned how utterly hilarious and funny this show is? I’m partial to episode 7 called The Date when J goes out with “White J”. The who Spoken Word segment. Genius!

I have been trying to get hooking but haven’t really felt up to it. I did whip up the Head Hugger hat for Dill who was actually disappointed! Ingrate! I totally missed and dropped the ball for gifts for The Bee’s teacher this year. I’m going to spend the holiday getting acquainted with some yarn and create a few of my favorites: Nangellini’s Phlight of Fancy scarf, the Mesh scarf and the Shelly scarf.

Happy Holidays and happy Fridays.
What are your favorites from the week?


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