Friday Favorites: Dancing for the Weekend

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Can I celebrate the end to this week?
I really don’t mean to complain but Holy Hockey Mom, Batman has it been a crazy week!
Without the usual whiny whiny boo, boo rant about how my week sucked, was a challenge and in between (let’s assume we’ve already covered that) here are some of the favorite songs I have been blasting as I got myself around all week.

First, here is Loverboy with my anthem for the week:

Now then.
I love me some Go-Gos and this Target commercial, although unappropiate (school supplies in July…bah!) is my new favorite.

Notebooks and jeans! Notebooks and jeans, notebooks and jeans!

I am late to the whole Goyte phenomenom but that thud is me jumping on the bandwagon.
I am loving “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

And can we talk about this little girl jamming to Goyte.
She is all into it!
When do kids stop being so carefree and turn so self conscious?

How can I not dig this version of Look at Me Now? If my kid were here she would berate me getting the words wrong. *looks around* She ain’t here…so yes, that is me dancing and singing!

Lastly…I knew I would have to eat some crow and *munch, munch* here it is…I am digging Beyonce. Say what you will about Mrs. Carter but dangit, she gets it in, does the thing and some other things that sound silly coming from me but is oh so appropriate to describe her!

Here is a Malaysian kid, in his snuggie dubbed Blue Ivy, performing Countdown:

Here is Miss B’s version:

She is one bad…shut yo’ mouth!
Well, have a great weekend and share your fave tunes!


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