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I finally washed my hair again and EWW!
Without going into the usual rants and whines about me doing not wanting to do my hair (that is implied) I decided to do a rinse using a tutorial I found on Francesca aka chescaleigh’s blog.
Aside…if you loc and are looking for hair ideas, check her out! She has amazing tutorials that seem possible and doable and her hair is gorgeous!

Anywho I decided to do a cleanse in addition to the “regular” washing this time around. My color is growing out and my hair was just looking (and smelling) pretty foul.  I used baking soda, vinegar and rosemary leaves but I’ve seen recipes call for sea salt, other herbs and some other ingredients.

I filled a bucket and took a before pic:

clean, clear water

After letting my hair sit for about 15 minutes this is what the water looks like: murky, grey and pretty funky looking.

I guess babies grabbing my hair is not ok!


I washed with some rosemary and mint shampoo and conditioner and began twisting, also using a tutorial I found on Francesca’s blog.
Of course I farted around and it took a while (two Indiana Jones movies, a Star Trek- the one with Simon! – and three Archers).

I was thisclose to cutting off my locs!

And now I’m rocking one and two strand loc knots.(Background Effin Guy’s shop. Mention this post and get 29% off. Cause there is a sale! Hiyo!)

Bouncing and behaving hair coming soon.


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