On the Needles

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My knitting experience is so rocky. As a hooker I find myself feeling like I’m cheating on my craft whenever I pull our knitting needles. I realize these are two different crafts but well, it’s me. So I’ve been picking up needles, putting them down, picking them up, putting them, well ya know.

In an attempt to get crafty I’ve picked up my needles again and have been having luck with the knit stitch. I’m using Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick and some needles from a set The Bee got as a gift a while back.

So far so good. I cast on 8 but somewhere along the way added a stitch. It seems OK; a little tight but I’ve loosened up as I went along. Of course it’s a scarf but it’s also practice to keep me going.

I’ve had a hater. My Lil keeps attacking the yarn or curling in my lap. It’s not a bother; I’ll take the extra love.

Here’s my progress.


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