Flashback Friday: I Be Working on My Fitness

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Buffy and me.
We’re the fast girls your mom warned you about

Flashback Friday is a new thing I’m doing on the blog. It’s a sharing of old posts but unlike my friend Kathy’s meme, Time Warp Tuesday, this post focuses on a group of old posts instead of reworking one.

I’ve decided to sign up for the Mamavation Two Week Challenge and feel that I am mentally ready to do it. I’m tired of feeling tired and need to push my body from sluggish to slugger. Here is my life as a body.

Being a yo-yo exerciser is not a new thing to me.
I also often have really fun reasons NOT to exercise!
Yoga seems awesome. Just not for me.
I bitch about my weight (yet do nothing about it)
More excuses for being an inactive bleep bleep!
Dude! I’m fat!
Owning my health.

I’ll post about my two weeks doing Mamavation on the weight loss blog, Look Better Naked. Stay tuned to a less out of breath me!

Working on my Fitness,


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