Five For Friday: It’s the Rachee Show

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What a week!
This was meant to be done earlier but, see what had happened was….

1) Don’t sh!t where you eat.
In my ‘can’t we all be friends’ delusions I had allowed work Rachee and home Rachee to blend. Although I may have strong opinions on certain things, I felt that I was playing it safe with my posts about The Bee, crafting and Liliana. I couldn’t possibly be lumped into the shenanigans of recent bloggers making headlines.


A friend hipped me to some not so nice comments that were being made about my blogging life and after a bout of paranoia. feeling pissy and annoyed, upset and hurt (my period is on this week) I decided to recall the sage advice that Mom has always shared: Don’t sh!t where you eat.

Without being rash I have been slowly making work once again all about work, home, well home and identifying friend versus people I know. I can still be friendly without being an over-sharer and I’m OK with that.

Which leads me to

2) People can, well suck

Friends? How many of us have them?

This issue has been addressed before but I wanted to explore it again. A friend/lady I know (my paranoia is back) was sharing the story of a visit with a house guest. Friend/LIK thought the close quarters and length of time together was way to much for her and that after the extended visit the duo may not be friends no more. As I listened I thought of my arms length approach to things. I always joke that I am terrible judge of character because I tend to give people an OK before getting to know them and after having had this method blow in in my face a time or eight I find that I wind up hurt, alone and reluctant to be open.

This week I have had several moments of defining what makes a friend versus a person one knows and while the answers change in each circumstance, the result is still the same: some people are nice, others…(including yours truly at times) not so.

3) Being all things to all people just ain’t workin’

I thought I had gotten over the whole Superwoman thing but each time I think I’ve taken the ‘S’ off my chest for good I find Capt. Saveasoul coming back for more.  No is a wonderful, glorious, necessary word. No is not personal, it’s not a sign of weakness and if the ubiquitous they don’t like it…kick rocks.

Seriously, without being rude or impolite, No can make the difference between a house full of stuff that I don’t want (including people) and desk full of stuff I don’t want (junk) and some quality time with The Bee, my family or Effin’ Guy.


But I also have to call myself out for

4) Not holding up my end.

I let the ball drop on a plethora of things and boy oh boy am I still feeling the vibrations! No excuses, it seemed that I was overwhelmed, pre-occupied and lazy.  I’ve noticed that when I am feeling overwhelmed, scared or pre-occupied I tend to bury my head in the sand.  That sucks not just for me but for people depending on me.


Last, but not least but really deserving a WHOLE post on its own:

5) Change is not bad.

This does warrant a longer post but for now: Change is uncomfortable at times but by golly it is not always as bad as I may think it to be.

I feel better and am ready to start my weekend.
What things are you thinking of?

Looking forward to another week,


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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