Finish the Sentence Friday: This Summer I Plan to…

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Finish the Sentence Friday
It’s Friday and I have been able to catch up with the Finish the Sentence prompt!

*does happy dance*

This prompt is found on the blog Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyholic. This week she is asking us to finish the sentence This summer I will…

This summer I will get outside more.
I always promise myself more time to do things outdoors but it’s either too hot, too humid, I’m having some awful body issues and I let me get into my head. Nope. This year I’m headed outdoors for more than to and from my car.

This summer I will light the grill.
When The Bee and I moved I bought one of those tiny grill deals. It screams “lives alone!” but when we light it up…all the dogs, burgers and brats you can eat. I think a trip to the market is in order!

This summer I will keep on truckin’.
I joined a run group and I want to make sure I keep on keeping on with them. I like the satisfaction of working out, the accountability of working with a group and well, I want a tee shirt that reads “Preserve the Sexy

This summer I will go on a true vacation.
It’s been a while since I’ve had the sand between my toes, the cry of gulls as they eye your food and the smell of salt in my life. I need a vacation full of sandy ice cold confectioneries, cool ocean spray and the call of, “Watch the tram car please!”

This summer I will take walks with The Bee.
We will FINALLY get to the park and munch dairy free cupcakes, people watch and hang with hipsters who think things are just groovy.

This summer I will not met my summer reading program drive me nuts.
[Insert maniacal laugh]

All of this and at least three or four awesome books.

What about you?
What are you going to do this summer?

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