Family Dinners Inspired by Bob’s Burgers

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My family loves us some Bob’s Burgers. We DVR it, catch re-runs and, before Netflix changed the schedule, used to binge watch episodes a lot. Like obsessively a lot.


Since the weather has gotten warmer and the days are longer, we have decided that we need to combine our love of TV watching with a love of burgers and have the family over. Originally we wanted to host a Bob’s Burgers Burger Bash and Beer Tasting! The event was scheduled for Easter weekend in lieu of the norm of ham dinner. The Librarian, The Bee and I decided that we would take advantage of the weather and enjoy the great outdoors.

Intentions yo…the weather cooperated but the burger bash was a bit of a bust. We invited over score of folks and the attempt was more organized chaos. We just wound up chowing down on grilled goodies and having good chats.

Since our move, I just love the idea of opening my home to family and just relaxing. Making the time to spend together instead of talking about it and then letting the idea fritter away. So far we’ve hosted holiday things, which worked out OK but I wanted to do a thing without the pressure of “supposed to” and “how it should be” also known as undo pressure that I put on myself.

Good ideas don’t die so after bumping heads, mowing the lawn and setting up some folding tables, we gave the Bob’s Burgers Burger Bash and Beer Tasting another go. Here are some tips and tricks we experienced to help you make your own successful event.

  1. Get yourself a copy of The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers. Upon first glance it would appear that these recipes are a fluff but yo, Bob is a bonafide artist creating amazing recipes in his kitchen. The recipes are inspired by joke names from the show but they are quite filling and delicious. They are pretty easy to make and use ingredients that were found at most area supermarkets.
  2. Get yourself some tunes. Bob’s Burgers has original tunes but there are also some hits from the 80’s filtering through the show. Pull up a playlist featuring some Donna Summer, Eddie Money and Cyndi Lauper.
  3. Just do it!
    The last few weeks have found life as we know it a bit of a tailspin and while my norm has usually been to run and hide, The Bee and The Librarian were all, “let’s do it!” We made a list, hit the market and made this happen.
Family Dinners Inspired by Bob's Burgers

Shopping with this lot

Plans changed and everyone wasn’t able to make this last outing but for the family who joined us, it was a night of food, chatting, and the start of something good.

Family Dinners Inspired by Bob's Burgers


We ended the night with s’mores that we made using out lit fire pit and everyone pitched in to get things put away and cleaned up.

The hope is for this to become the start of a new tradition. Long summer evenings spent with family and friends. Knowing that weekends are the bookends to a week of obligations allows me to appreciate the simple pleasure of family and friends and how a good idea can be adapted and implemented and enjoyed.

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