E is for…

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e·nough   [ih-nuhf]


(used to express impatience or exasperation): Enough! I heard you the first time.

Last night (really this morning at 1:30 AM) I was startled awake by a pinging sound and loud raised voices. Stumbling to the window I observed the dance of anger: neighbors arguing about something and the female chasing the male with a baseball bat. In front of my house. Around my car!!!. After a few more ‘bitches” and a ‘You sorry mothaf@cka!’ later they went back into their house to continue what seems to be a perpetual fight. As I waited for the police to come* and my heart to stop pounding I thought of what in the world gets people so angry that it seems logical to argue and chase someone holding a baseball bat? Whatever it is, it’s not enough so I hope the two break up, find another someone and that the new relationship will find them at peace.
Enough with the show.
Enough with the screaming matches.


*Yup, I called the police. They were near MY car!


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