Day one…now what?

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All weight loss plans I have read, and golly knows I’ve read a lot, tell me that I should start with a call to my doctor before I begin. Dutifully I have done just that and…the chick who answered the form casually announced that the next appointment is for April 25, 2011.
I love my doctor but that’s ridiculous!
Part of me is glad; the last time I saw Dr. B the scale read an obscene number that had me in a tizzy. While I looked fit, I was actual borderline obese due to BMI, height/weight ratio and some other calculations that do nothing to flatter me.
I had vowed to get in shape before my next appointment but, um, well….

With the lag in time (six months for crying out loud!) I guess I can opt for the ‘check with a physician before you begin’ advice. Cause knowing me that would be a ripe excuse to not do ANYTHING!
So I thought of some goals.
The obvious:
Lose weight (duh!)
Get fit (double duh)
Eat better….what?
My real goals are yet to be determined. I know that there is a problem, I know I should do something about the problem but what?
Goals for this week:
Acknowledging the problem and coming up with a viable plan.
I have taken the first step. But what next?
Stay tuned…

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  1. Lillian says:

    Good luck!! I’m trying to lessen my own obscene number. . . Six months to see your doctor??? Now that is obscene! As far as the BMI thingy goes, I think it is bogus, I have a friend who is as solid as a rock but calculating the BMI he is WAY off the charts but he isn’t, he’s all muscle.

    Calipers tell the truth, and I hate them. You know the pinchy things they use at the gym to measure fat? They tell the story better than the BMI thing!

    Good luck and I really do hope you reach your goals!

  2. Best of luck. I hope you meet you goals.

    I am on day three of eating better. In a sneaky way, I hope I just lose weight in the process.

    The hardest part for me is REMEMBERING I am trying to lose weight.

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