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In which I share some crafting resolutions for this new year.

I have not set my typical New Year’s Resolutions for 2017. No real reason; I considered making list, thought about potentials resolutions, thought some more, then started doing a thing and it’s now several days into the new year and…bah. However, I did consider what yarning goals I wanted to shoot for in 2017 and decided that 2017 is the year that I cross of some yarnthing bucket list items.

My yarnthing bucket list comes in part from the small insecurity I still have as a hooker turned knitter. I learned to crochet first and have always harbored the feeling that knitting is this exotic and mysterious thing that I am always missing the mark on. I know it’s silly but that’s me; always thinking that there is a secret menu that everybody knows about yet only shares it with me when I stumble upon it later on.

Y’all know I’ve got issues, right?

Anywho, craftsolutons for 2017 in no particular order.

1. Learn how to make proper socks. I sort of tackled this item (blog post coming soon!) but I made socks on a pain of size 11 needles using bulky yarn. I want to learn to make socks using small needles and plan to be like Oprah gifting everyone socks once I get them down.

2.Work through my Ravelry and book stash. The amount of items in my queue and on my bookshelf is just ridiculous. So many patterns, so little time…unless I MAKE the time. The first book on my list is Melissa Leapman’s Designer Crochet Accessories. Of course, there is a hat just begging to be stitched!


3. Work on a temperature blanket. The basic idea of a temperature blanket is to knit or crochet one row per day of a blanket in a color that coordinates with the temperature. If you use about eight to ten different colors, you’ll get a beautiful variation throughout the year. I’m not even playing myself and vowing to knit a row a day. I can shoot for a row a week and will end up with a 52 row blanket. I am going to use the colors picked by @chermackcreations and whatever the temp is at the end of the week (Friday-Sunday) will be my guide.

4. Go to a yarn conference. I am going to be traveling for work this year so I won’t be able to indulge in all of the things but I am interested in checking out Knitters Day Out which will be held September 16th & 17th near Harrisburg or the New York Sheep and Wool Festival on October 21st & 22nd. If these are anything like book conferences or the blogging conferences I have attended then I am in for a treat. Friends who have gone come back so excited and charged, complete with lovely yarns and lots of fun notions. I want to get in on that action.


5. Donate items to charity. The crochet and knitting groups that I am a member of are always collecting hats or scarves or items for a project and I rush to get things done. I want to be more intentional about my output and make hats for people in need that are not only functional but worthy of being a gift. Instead of some half assed rushed thing, I would like to share some of the yarn things that take an effort.

5A. Gift items to friends. There is a Facebook thing going around where people are “paying it forward” and creating and sharing some kind of handmade thing for friends. I won’t do the Facebook meme but will make things for people to wear instead of creating and leaving these items in a basket somewhere in the house.

6. Complete my WIPs. WIPs are works in progress although honestly mine could be called WJS: Works Just stopped. My cousin STILL talks anout the Amazon I was supposed to make for her and I can’t blame her. She asked for that thing years ago and I never finished it. I have an outstanding list pf things people asked for, things I promised and I would like to get them done.

This list includes The ‘zilla’s Amazon, a Doctor Who scarf for The Librarian, an owl for a kid at the library, arm warmers for one of the pages. Wait. This list is out of control! I can see where my books and Ravelry queue will get a workout!

7. Organize my stash. I got this really cool dresser that I store all of my yarn and supplies in but I would like to sand the piece, line the drawers and give it a fresh coat of paint. I have the room but not the desire. Perhaps I can let this piece hang until the weather warms up and I can move on outdoors for this project.

8. Visit local yarn stores. I have been a regular at Michael’s because of the sale on Thick and Quick yarn but I do enjoy squeezing yarn that is only available at some stores. The people that I have met at the local stores are lovely and the vibe is wonderful. I don’t have to spend all of my money but can treat myself to a skein of yarn every so often when I visit.

This is a good list to get me through 2017. I am going to need to create something beautiful while all hell is breaking loose (you know what I mean). Follow me on Instagram for shots of works in progress and comeback to see my progress.

Happy crafting!

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