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In which I get ready for my closeup.

Last year, a few fiber loving friends, Kathy and Roze, attended one of the Social Needleworking meet-ups at my library and as they stitched they shared information about the local theater productions they are involved with. After some blatant eavesdropping, I learned that Delco has a few places where people can perform on stage (who knew?!) and that these places were full of regular folk who auditioned and wanted to act. Kathy told me about the Colonial Quickies, a production that a local theater in Aldan (who knew) put on each year and told me that I should audition for them.


Way back in April there were auditions and after hemming and hawing I found a one minute monologue called Coffee Table to perform. After some more stalling and talking myself out of not going a few times, I dragged myself to the theater to audition. I was so nervous! It seemed that I was near the end of the auditions and I swear that almost everyone who went before me was a natural on the stage. I was shaking by the time they called my name and I got through my audition without falling off of the stage.

When the auditions were done, we were told that we would here something at the end of the week. After hitting refresh for a few weeks, going through the stages of loss a few times and harassing poor Kathy, I finally heard back and learned that I was cast in a Quickie!


My co-star, Cathy, and my director, Erin, are phenomenal. From the first day we met they made me feel welcome and a part of the Colonial Family. Our script is amazing and we are going to rock our performance. Without giving away the plot, know that I am a character called Barb who is trying to convince her friend to stay with her boyfriend.

To see me make my debut, get your tickets online using this link. I have been told that The Quickies will have something for everyone so don’t miss it. Also, it’s the final production of its 2015-2016 season.

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Performances are June 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25
Friday, and Saturday night performances – $14
Sunday matinee performances – $12


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  1. readingjeff says:

    Talk about understatement: “…staying with her boyfriend…” and you ARE a natural! Can’t wait to see you in the footlights. :o)

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