Christmas time is near…

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The Bee and I recently attended a Holiday Hullabaloo. (Note to self: I am so stealing this idea for next year.) The set up was snacks [beverages(hot chocolate (yum!), warm apple cider, apple juice-always found near little kids) and treats (holiday themed sugar cookies, pretzels, and carrot sticks-only in suburbia] on one side of the room.
There was a huge screen projecting Christmas favorites in the center of the space: Frosty the Snowman and the cartoon featuring Mr Heat Miser.
And then there were crafts on the left. There were four tables set up as activity stations. Station one featured paper bags that were personalized and could be decorated with holiday themed stickers.
The other three stations featured a banner with winter/Christmas favorites (all the usual suspects: Santa, Rudolph, a snowman and a snowflake), an adorable penguin thermometer, and a penguin decorator.

Crafts ‘r’ Us

Now I have to call out the organizers because there were not enough supplies to go around. Either people were taking extras (as people are wont to do) or they had lots of late add ons. However my nephew was unable to attend so there should have been at least one extra at each station.
I realize I appear petty (‘cuz that’s the way I roll) but I also acknowledge this because while I was letting The Bee set her own pace and leisurely completing the activity on hand, there were people just grabbing and taking.

(I have often wondered why I always feel the need to act on my best behavior when clearly those acting a fool seem to make out like bandits. I am going to save that rant for another post and continue on with the good holiday feel.)

The Bee and Santa

The party also included the visit from a quite progressive Santa. (He’s AA and he sported an iPhone!?!) My child does not believe in Santa. So in some ways I feel like a total hypocrite having her cheese with St Nick. However, when in Rome….

One thing the ex and I were in total agreement was that we would not perpetuate the whole Santa Clause myth. We did allow that she would think Santa brought one special gift and that all the rest were selected, bought and paid by her mom and dad. Because I works hard for my money I have always had issues allowing some fat stranger to get the credit for the Christmas gifts especially after I would spend my time braving the crowds, fighting for a parking spot, praying I don’t get a ticket (or in Philly, towed), arguing with that clerk who hates herself and therefore everyone else in sight, the clerk who takes his job way too seriously and the people haggling over a nickel. But at the Christmas Hullabaloo Bonanza, I felt that this was a money shot.

Isn’t she adorable?
I am ultra biased.


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