Workout Boogie Day 3: ¡Muy caliente!

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So, while talking to my sister, she says that NOW is the time to exercise; to try and relieve some of the stress that has been a way of life these past few weeks.

Ipso Facto, the Workout Boogie continues!

Having so much nervous energy to burn, cardio was in order. My goal was to hit the track and do 2 miles (walk one, wog one ‘really fast’ ) but, to bastardize and borrow from Seuss, “too windy to go out, to cold to wog far, so I stayed in the house and did a DVD instead”.

My eyes were drawn to Crunch Cardio Salsa. This was not quite the high impact that I was looking for but due to my lack of rhythm and two left feet, my heart got pumping.

What I look like as a dancer

And me after tripping over my feet doing the merengue.

I have always liked Crunch Fitness. The half hour shows used to come on basic cable way back when I used to tape them with a VCR. Donna Richardson was an instructor and she always made exercise and getting in shape seem so… possible. At a time when every Tom, Dick, Sally and Jane were putting out videos, Donna was always a mainstay.

The Crunch format is also more to my liking. The instructors have fun and don’t take things so seriously. The cuing and camera work was a bit off but I will fully disclose that I did NOT preview DVD before attempting to complete it and I am a bit directionally challenged.

I am not going to be featured on “So you Think You Can Dance” anytime soon but what the hey, maybe the next KOCO won’t find me sitting in a corner nursing a Diet Pepsi.


*This is actually Kate DiCamillo’s Mercy Watson but she is a faithful representation. lol!


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